Kew It Up Episode July 5, 2017

Future Jazz

2:59pm - 3:59pm

music is for the children, captain

Track Listing:

Bubblethug One
Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting · Bubblethug
A Karma Karmai (Karmas Claws)
Gravetemple · Impassable Fears
Gravetemple · Impassable Fears
Robin Frog (Yuk Yo)
Graham Lambkin · Community
Cindy Lee · A Message From The Aching Sky
Orange Juice & Velvet Underwear
Intersystems · Number One
A? la recherche
Hazy Montague Mystique · Le Retour des Rois (la trilogie)
Zhong Minjie · There Is No Music From China
Kick this Gloom
Masahiro Takahashi · Retreat
she works methodically
buffalo MRI · Headscan