Kew It Up Episode July 1, 2014


1:03am - 2:03am

Willie Dunn - I Pity The Country (Single)
Boxer the Horse - Rattle Your Cage (French Residency)
Cousins - Other Ocean (The Halls of Wickwire)
Fog Lake - Little Black Balloon (Virgo Indigo)
Grimes ft. Blood Diamonds - Go (Single)
Trust - Capitol (Joyland)
Baffin Nunavut - Aruba Sleep Club (Single)
Wealthy Young Suburban Evangelicals Harmonizing - Scooby Do Wrong - the remix (Wealthy Young Suburban Evangelicals Socializing)
Dash - Letter are Better Toast 1 Max 1 Remix (Single)
Microdot - Karluk (Karluk/Teepee in the Forest)
Jeans Boots - Asshole (Z0RG C1TY)
Chad Vangaalen - Where are You? (shrink dust)
COOL - Red (Paint)
Mac Demarco - Freakin' Out the Neighbourhood (II)