Karasu (2007) Episode July 16, 2007

Broadcast on 16-Jul-2007

7:34am - 8:58am

Tonight's show will be focusin gon Japanese robots: the tech's, the specs, and music that reflect the giant eletrikku robotto!

Playlist for July 16th, 2007:

1) Doddodo:ABCDOSAKA
2) toddle:Step With the Gloom
3) Polysics: Cyborg Kanojyo
4) Nanao Tabito: Blue Hunting
5) Supercar: White Surf Style 5
6) Yoko Kanno: Smile
7) Rovo: Kmara
8)Mondo Grosso : Everything Needs Love (feat. Cornelius)
9) After Dinner : Paradise of Replica
10) Nyantora: Jupiter
11) The Aprils : Twinkle of the Stars, Little Stars, Shining Stars
12) DJ Krush: Silent Ungah (Too Much Pain)
13) Zoobombs : C'mon and Get Down