j chillin Episode May 28, 2023

Jchillin #22 ~~~ nikkis last episode for a bit :(

9:58pm - 12:18am

Hoodie Browns our good homie is on the show we listen to music we try to re criminalize m*rijuana cuz its fkn expensive now man it didnt used to be like thst i used to save my lunch money wait til friday get into some weird dudes toyota camry some sketch alley way in SURREY with the cracked windshieled and the missing rims shit everywehre and buy a 1/8 for like 10$ look at waht u did vancouver fucked up again... ILLEGALIZE IT!!!!!

Track Listing:

ghöøl · unreleased beats to rap/kill/bake/love to
ghöøl · unreleased beats to rap/kill/bake/love to
Upper ?chelon
ghöøl · unreleased beats to rap/kill/bake/love to
20200816 She Want The Sandwich
Mac DeMarco · One Wayne G
20200817 Proud True Toyota
Mac DeMarco · One Wayne G
Quarter Conscious · Waver- EP
Infinity Repeating
Daft Punk + The Voidz · Random Access Memories (Deluxe)
Austin 3:16
ghöøl · 27
Helena Beat
Foster The People · Torches
Send It Up
Kanye West · Yeezus
America Has A Problem
Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar · Single
Freaking Out
Sleepy Gonzales · Single
Sleepy Gonzales · Single
Dust Bunny
Crumb · Single
Flip Flop Rock (feat. JAY Z, Killer Mike)
Outkast · Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
Turning Blue
Jay Reatard · SIngles
On The Subway
The Last Poets · The Last Poets
All My Friends
LCD Soundsystem · Sound Of Silver
Kilroi · Empitinessisnotafeeling
25 Lighters
DJ DMD · Single
Earl Sweatshirt · FEET OF CLAY
If It Was Only Warmth
King Krule · Space Heavy
ghöøl · 27
Queen Bitch
David Bowie · Hunky Dory
Fuchsia Butterflies
Kid Cudi · Speedin' Bullet To Heaven
Get Hi (Feat. B-real)
Danny Brown · Atrocity Exhibition
Estaciones (Feat. Hologram
Action Bronson · Cocodrillo