It Ain't Easy Being Green Episode May 29, 2014

Broadcast on 29-May-2014

11:00am - 12:00pm

+ body/head, w.e.b, frog eyes, julia holter

Track Listing:

Body/Head · Coming Apart
Toilet Parade (Ode to N.Y.C.)
Willis Earl Beal · A Place That Doesn't Exist
Coriander Tree Life
Willis Earl Beal · Curious Cool
Claxxon's Lament
Frog Eyes · Carey's Cold Spring
Maxim's I
Julia Holter · Loud City Song
Jody Glenham · Dreamer
Lie · Nite
Other Jesus · Bachelors of Art
Cool TV
Cool · Best New Music
Stranger Thoughts
Village · Village
mosfett · roswell
Never Really Tried
Defektors · Bottom Of The City
Eating Salt
Failing · Apple In The Pig's Mouth