Into the Woods Episode June 5, 2018

june 5 2018

5:00pm - 6:00pm

A motley assortment of good tunes for your Tuesday.

Track Listing:

Parlour Panther · Hot Magic
Hello Kitty Knife
Peach Kelli Pop · Gentle Leader
Everybody Else
Germaphobes · Figi Whizz
More than Words
Prom Queen · covers
Sorry Edith · Goodbye Frida
The Regrettes · n/a
Track 2
Anemone · Baby Only You & I
Miesha and the Spanks · CKXU's Cosmic Frequencies
Chekhov's Hangnail
Martha · Blisters in the Pit of My Heart
Temporary Tattoo
Remember Sports · Slow Buzz
She's So Lovely
The Butchies · Make Yr Life
Sleater-Kinney · The Woods
I Didn't Just Kiss Her
Jen Foster · The White Room Sessions
Stolen Song
Rae Spoon · Armour