Intersections Episode March 22, 2022

S2 E7: Modern Family Values

10:01am - 10:56am

Rethink your own family structure, take an opportunity to celebrate your found family, and bring a critical eye to gendered family behaviour with our Intersections panel members. Panel featuring collective members Bella, Cora, Elle, Fran, and Hal.

Sources :

Golombok, S. (2015). Conclusions. In Modern Families: Parents and Children in New Family Forms (pp. 192-217). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/CBO9781107295377.009,Researchers%20who%20examine%20gender%20inequities%20in%20the%20workplace%20say%20an,and%20exacerbate%20existing%20gender%20gaps.

Thompson, C. (2005) Making Parents. The Ontological Choreography of Reproductive Technologies, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press

Track Listing:

Don't Go
John-Allison Weiss · Say What You Mean
Abolish the RCMP
Aks · (unknown)