Inner Journey Episode July 24, 2012

Broadcast on 24-Jul-2012

1:00pm - 2:00pm

musical selections by: sunfish moon light, nick drake, bridget st. john, slight birching, violet height, mickey newberry, leadbelly, great lake swimmers, david lannan, skip james.

Track Listing:

sunfish moon light · the silken passage
nick drake · demos
curl your toes
bridget st. john · bbc recording
nick drake · demos
black november
slight birching · peasadnts escribing their work
a solemn touch of flame
sunfish moon light · the silken passage
violet height · heavyweight
she even woke me up to say goodbye
mickey newberry · live 1973 at montezuma
leadbelly · huddie ledbetter, his best
easy come, easy go
great lake swimmers · new wild everywhere
hallelujah i'm a bum
david lannan · street singer
i'm so glad
skip james · jesus is a mighjty good leader
sunfish moon light · the silken passage