Inner Journey Episode July 17, 2012

Broadcast on 17-Jul-2012

1:00pm - 2:00pm

corbin murdoch, alabama shakes, katie dill, aidan knight, ani difranco, bruce cockburn, melissa devost, jenny berkel, sandy denny, katie dill, chris smither, nam shub

Track Listing:

revolution with a happy ending
corbin murdoch · wartime lovesong
You Ain't Alone
Alabama Shakes · Boys & Girls
katie anne perry
katie dill · demo
margaret downes
aidan knight · giants of the forrest series
ani difranco · live
stained glass
bruce cockburn · salt, sun and time
just lucky
melissa devost · demo
come a long way
jenny berkel · here on a wire
sandy denny · the north star grassman and the ravens
katie dill · live
time to go
chris smither · don't it drag on
marble cardigan
nam shub · cascadia