Inner Journey Episode July 10, 2012

Broadcast on 10-Jul-2012

1:00pm - 2:00pm

hank williams jr., luke blu guthrie, james lamb, akron/family, blackwod two (+ interview), geoff berner (+ interview) buffy st. marie, nina simone

Track Listing:

all my rowdy friends (have settled down)
hank williams jr. · the pressure is on
warning light
luke blu guthrie · luke blue guthrie
blueberrty paulson
james lamb · demos ep
love love love (everyone)
akron/family · love is simple
trouble in mind
blackwood two · no more worries
the oldest trees
blackwood two · no more worries
light enough to travel
geoff berner · victory party
still this love goes on
buffy st. marie · running for the drum
here comes the sun
nina simone · here comes the sun