Inkstuds Episode November 26, 2009

Inkstuds on 26-Nov-2009

1:00pm - 3:00pm

the noisier side.

Track Listing:

Zak Sally · Fear of Song
Swirlies · blonder tongue audio baton
Swirlies · what to do about them
Ron Rege · Discombobulated ventriloquist
zorthians grazel time
Mindflayer · its always 1999
endless dribbler
forcefield · roggaboggas
lightning bolt · hypermagic mountain
land of the lost
Black Pus · Black Pus 4
Alfred's grandmother
Al Columbia
Tornado to the Tater
Gary Panter
Mlk and Chz
Mary Lou and the Tards · Tabloid Sound
Rape me Amadeus
Mary Lou and the Tards · Tabloid Sound
werewolf fugue
Self Indulgent Werewolf · untitiled
Peace Trials
Kites · Peace Trials
Supa Doopa
Les Georges Leningrad · sur les Traces De Black Eskimo
Declare independence(Black Pus remix)
Bjork · Voltaic