Inkstuds Episode November 19, 2009

Inkstuds on 19-Nov-2009

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Cartoonists doing music.

Track Listing:

Superfriends theme
Superfriends theme · Superfriends theme
Cotton pickin blues
Blueshammer · Ghostworld
Fun flies
Action suits
how did i get home last night
Can You Imagine
Hey Psycho
Extravagant Bachelor · Den of Inequity
st clair
Kupek · good time singles
I aint that bad anymore
100 damned guns · musica de tormento
Little Buttercup
Crumb Family
Song for Diconsolate friends
leave it alone
Archer Prewitt · In the sun
Arks · the international
Casper, the Friendly ghost
Daniel Johnston · Yip
Open Your Heart
Lavender Diamond · Imagine Our Love
rich Girl
Wannabe texans · alcohol is a cheap perfume
wiggibilies · goin up the mountain
Asymetrical girl
Chip Kidd · Art Break