Gobstopper Episode June 19, 2023

888 hello Are you Feeling lucky?

5:59pm - 6:57pm

[gob 3, 0508]

*Original air date May 8, 2023, rebroadcast June 19 during SOCAN period.

Track Listing:

Lil_Babeee_4EVA · White Noise Machine
ilyimy2 - Tough Sell Remix
Sad China, Sunny Daydream, Tough Sell · i love you Remix you
Massachusetts Cowgirl
OTTO · World Greetings
The Koreatown Oddity · ISTHISFORREAL?
Combat Shock
Soft Issues · High Capacity Magazine
night of the living midtempo EDM bro
c0ncernn · Dariacore 3... At least I think that's what it's called?
Picket Fence
Cowgirl Clue · Picket Fence
It's A Dream (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)
Snow Strippers, Lil Uzi Vert · April Mixtape 3
Hillsboro · Swallow
Boys Night Out · Trainwreck
Spirit In Me
OMBIIGIZI, Status/Non-Status, Zoon · Sewn Back Together
Beg For The Torture
Destroy Boys · Beg For The Torture
Pretty Sick · Makes Me Sick Makes Me Happy
Delia Smith
Sprints · A Modern Job EP