Give 'Em The Boot Episode January 6, 2009

Pacific Pickin' Broadcast on 06-Jan-2009

6:34am - 8:01am

Foggy Hogtown Boys, The Golden West, Straighten the Curves
Foghorn Stringband, Boombox Squaredance, Biddy
Louvin Brothers, Close Harmony, The precious jewel
Bruce Molsky, Contented Must Be, Blackberry Blossom
Foghorn Duo, Lonesome Song, My horses ain't hungry
Skip Gorman, A Cowboy's Wild Song to his herd, Piney Woods/Coyote Howl
Tony Trischka & Various Artists, Double Bluegrass Banjo Spectacular, Live and Let Live
Tony Trischka & Beppe Gambetta, Alone & Together, Dear Old Dixie
The Breakmen, When You Leave Town, Brookmere
Old Man Luedecke, Proof of Love, Ain't Goin' My Way
Joy Kills Sorrow, Joy Kills Sorrow, Weary Blues from Waitin'
Edgar Meyer & Chris Thile, s/t, Ham & Cheese
Crooked Still, Still Crooked, Oh, Agamemnon
Tim O'Brien, Fiddler's Green, First Snow
Ginny Hawker & Tracy Schwarz, Good Songs for Hard Times, Go Home before it's too late
Dirk Powell, Hand Me Down, Near and Far
Foggy Hogtown Boys, The Golden West, I'll break out again tonight
The Breakmen, When You Leave Town, Cold Nights
Hazel Dickens, Carol Elizabeth Jones & Ginny Hawker, Heart of a Singer, Jealous Heart
Tom, Brad & Alice, Holly Ding, Backstep Cindy