Give 'Em The Boot Episode March 13, 2007

Give 'em the boot Broadcast on 13-Mar-2007

1:01am - 2:00am

Give 'em the boot - Show #26 Tuesday Mar 13 2007
Theme: New releases and Rita Chiarelli comes to town

1. Filippo Gambetta/La lumaca equilibrista/Pria Goaea (2002)

Antonio Forcione was born in Italy in a small village along the Adriatic coast and first drew public attention at 13 when he toured with his own band throughout Italy as a guitarist, mandolinist and drummer. He moved to London in 1983 in search of greater inspiration and since that time has released 13 albums. He has shared the stage worldwide with some of the world’s most accomplished musicians, including John McLaughlin, John Scofield and Leo Kottke as well as opening for Italian musician such as Zucchero and Pino Daniele. His quartet features 3 other stellar musicians: Jenny Adejayan on cello, Adriano Adewale on percussion and Nathan Thomson (who I studied music at University in Australia with!) on double bass, flutes and other instruments.

2. Antonio Forcione Quartet/Attempo/Antonio Forcione Quartet in concert (2006)
3. Antonio Forcione Quartet/Indian Cafe/Antonio Forcione Quartet in concert (2006)
4. Rita Chiarelli/Chitarra romana/Cuore (2006)

RITA CHIARELLI: Sunday March 25, 7:30 pm, Doors 6:45 pm @ St James Community Square, 3214 W. 10th @ Trutch | TICKETS: $20 at Urban Empire and Little Sisters -
Pat Hogan - Ph: (604) 253-7189, Fax: (604) 253-2191, Email:,

5. Rita Chiarelli/Reginella/Cuore (2006)
6. unavantaluna/Pi suprammari/s/t (2006)
7. unavantaluna/Salemi/s/t (2006)
8. Rosa Balistreri/Quannu moru/Tribu italiche Sicilia (2006)

Francesco Banchini a talented musician, started playing the clarinet when he was six in the town band of Pozzuoli. Since then he has performed all over the world, released seven cds including multiple collaborations with artists from different parts of the world. His musical styles are varied: he plays traditional music from Southern Italy, he’s very influenced by Balkan music, Medieval music and Oriental music; these different styles mix together and give the listener the sensation of travelling in time and space, being transported by the magical notes of Francesco Banchini’s world.

9. Francesco Banchini/Kalimantaan/Baqshish (2007)
10. Acquaragia Drom/Shanandoi & Satanasso/Tribu italiche Molise (2006)

ACQUARAGIA DROM - Music and Tarantellas from the Italian Gypsy provinces. A little Gypsy blood and lots of traditional weddings and feasts all around in Italy. Acquaragia Drom is trying to rebuild the musical journey of the Italian Gypsies of the past, singing melodies that are part of the historical communities living in the country a long time ago, playing, at the same time, rhythms of the new Gypsy caravans nowadays.