Give 'Em The Boot Episode October 17, 2006

Give 'em the boot Broadcast on 17-Oct-2006

1:03am - 2:02am

1. Filippo Gambetta 'La lumaca equilibrista' - 3.25
Pria Goaea (Felmay 2002)

* Filippo Gambetta is from Genova, Liguria. He is the son of the wonderful fingerstyle guitarist Beppe Gambetta, who many Cnadaian audineces may know as one of the members of Men Of Steel with Don Ross. The name of the album, Pria Goaea, means "cliff of the gull" - it's a cliff in Camogli (cinque terre) where Filippo learned to swim as a child - "pria" means "stone" in genoese, "goaea" comes from the sound of the gull: gue', gue'

2. Rita Chiarelli 'Malafemmina' - 6.12
Cuore (Mad Iris Music 2006)
3. Pino Daniele 'quando' - 3.32
Best of Pino Daniele (EastWest 1998)
4. Rita Chiarelli 'Reginella' - 4.21
Cuore (Mad Iris Music 2006)

* Rita Chiarelli, is a Canadian-Italian who has made her career as a blues singer. Her latest album "Cuore" is one of traditional Italian songs sung in Italian and dialect.
* Pino Daniele is a blues singer influenced by the American music of the 40s and 50s he heard as a kid growing up in Naples.

5. Massimo Ferrante ''A nuvella' - 4.46
Ricuordi (Felmay 2006)
6. Riccardo Tesi 'Dina' - 4.50
Crinali (Felmay 2006)
7. Massimo Ferrante 'A Strina Ara Cusintina' - 5.46
Ricuordi (Felmay 2006)

* Massimo Ferrante is a native of Joggi, Calabria. His latest album is of maily traditional tuens from various southern Italian regions, many sung in dilaect and even one in French!
*Riccardo Tesi plays the melodeon (l'organetto), a relative of the accordion (he was one of Filippo Gambetta's teachers).

8. Paroplapi 'Ninna nanna fiorentina' - 3.31
La finestra dell'ultimo piano (Radici 2005)
9. Trio Contempo 'Rumba' - 2.50
Felmay Catalogue 2006
10. Paroplapi 'Mamma mia/Maridem' - 2.45
La finestra dell'ultimo piano (Radici 2005)

* Paroplapi are a trio of musicians whose focus is the coming together of music and language from the shores of the Mediterranean. The members of Paroplapi come from france and Italy and the group daings inspiration from the music of these areas.

11. Aes Dana 'Lazza d'amuri' - 3.06
Felmay Catalogue 2006
12. Filippo Gambetta 'Corbu' - 3.17
Pria Goaea (Felmay 2002)

* Aes Dana's new cd "Frontiera" features two gretas of Irish music: Paddy Keenan on uillean pipes and Martin O'Connor on accordion. Their music is a fascinating mix of Irish and Mediterranean musical influences.