Generation Annihilation Episode June 1, 2019

June 1st 2019.

12:02pm - 1:02pm

New releases from COMBAT 84, ENZYME andTHE MOOR.

Track Listing:

Last Resort · Skinhead Anthems
Right To Choose
Combat 84 · Rapist
Out Of Control
Angelic Upstarts · We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
Barbie's Dead
UK Subs · Brand New Age
The Damned · Machine Gun Etiquette
Clouded Eyes
Chron Gen · Britannia Waves The Rules
Feel The Rage
Infa Riot · Britannia Waves The Rules
Enough Is Enough
Icons Of Filth · Brain DEATH
Nuclear Threat
Potential Threat · Demand An Alternative
Spreading The Poison
The Moor · S/T
Systems Child
Subversive Rite · Songs For The End Times
Into The Vague
Headdress · Into The Vague
Christ Air · EP
Skies Of Revelation
Mission Of Christ · Silence In Grave
Cinderella Syndrome
Beyond Possession · Is
Rise Above
Witches Hammer · S/T
ANS · Pressure Cracks
Enzyme · Howling Mind
Bootlicker · Nuclear Family