Generation Annihilation Episode March 16, 2019

March 16TH 2019.

12:00pm - 1:04pm

Paying homage and showcasing the work of the late Zippy Pinhead. New reissues on the Splatterhead! record label.

Track Listing:

Too Many Funerals
The Cleats · Lost Voices Broken Strings
Fuck You
The Stiffs · S/T
I Don't Give A Shit
Victorian Pork · Vancouver Evolution
Red Rockers
The Dils · Made In Canada
Can You Hear Me?
KGB · Live At The Deaf Club
Get Out Of Your House
Los Popularos · Born Free
Dead End Yobs
Porno Casettes · Your Face
Evening Radio
Machines · Bloodstains
Adolf's Only
Valvs · Bloodstains
Use You
XS Energy · Bloodstains
Drab City
The Features · Drab City
Klips 1988 · Bloodstains
Grown Up Age
The Bureaucrats · S/T
Cyanide · Your Old Man
Two Wheels
Centurion · Two Wheels
Left Hand Drive · Jailbait
Calling For You
Persian Risk · Calling For You
Motörhead · Wow