Generation Annihilation Episode January 5, 2019

January 6th 2019.

12:01pm - 1:04pm

2018 Releases showcase.

Track Listing:

Next To Die
No Problem · Let God Sort Em Out
Fireburn · S/T
I Need A Torch
Night Birds · Roll Credits
Sore Points · S/T
Can't Get Enough
Lié · Hounds
Fire At Sea
Dysnea Boys · I Scare Me
Lets Bomb East Van
Chain Whip · S/T
Bootlicker · 6 Track EP
If Only You Knew
Cheap Appeal · S/T
Dead Cells · Demo 2018
The Beast
Arms Race · The Beast
Human Plague
Vitamin X · Age Of Paranoia
Aftermath Of War
Man Destroys · Everything
Visions Of The Inferno
Despair · Visions Of The Inferno
Decomp · Split w/Gaasp
Take Me Away
Mass Grave · Our Due Dissent
March Of The System
Inepsy · The Lost Tapes
The Shit Talkers · I Scream!
Nulla Victoria
Territories · S/T
Another Option
Option · The Hour Of Action