Generation Annihilation Episode August 11, 2018

August 11th 2018.

12:00pm - 1:02pm

Set of 90's street punk, new releases from BOOJI BOYS and MASCULINITY CRISIS.

Track Listing:

Girl On The Run
Honey Bane · You Can Be You
Violence Grows
Fatal Microbes · Violence Grows
No Cross To Bear
APA · Zero Hour
The Animal
Bonecrusher · The Animal
Embrace The Hate
The Authority! · American Fight Club
These Four Walls
The Wretched Ones · Go To Work
Punks Not Dead
ICU · Dead Cities
Masculinity Crisis · Spit On Me
Self Destruct
Chain Whip · S/T
Nutrition · S/T
Pissicinne Perfect
Booji Boys · Weekend Rocker
Jailcell Recipes · Two Years Of Toothache
Cheap Appeal · Demo
Circling The Drain
No Problem · Let God Sort Em Out
Knivstukket · S/T
Spent Force
Petite · 11 Songs Tape
Bootlicker · Who Do You Serve?
Endless Fight
Starvation · 5 Track Demo
Life's Mass Destruction
Despair · Visions Of The Inferno
Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
Discharge · Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
We Are The Road Crew
Sex Aids · Back On The Piss Again