Generation Annihilation Episode June 2, 2018

Subhumans showcase.

11:59am - 1:04pm

A showcase on the Subhumans, playing selected tracks from every release from this seminal UK act in chronological order.

Track Listing:

Death To The Sickoids
The Subhumans · Death To The Sickoids
Firing Squad
The Subhumans · Firing Squad
Job For A Day
The Mental · Extended Play
Stupid Humans · Demo
Drugs Of Youth
Subhumans · Demolition War
Reason For Existence
Subhumans · Reason For Existence
It's Gonna Get Worse
Subhumans · Religious Wars
All Gone Dead
Subhumans · The Day The Country Died
Subvert City
Subhumans · The Day The Country Died
No Thanks
Subhumans · Wessex 82
Subhumans · Evolution
Subhumans · Time Flies But Airplanes Crash
Where's The Freedom?
Subhumans · From The Cradle To The Grave
Joe Public
Subhumans · Rats
Ex-Teenage Rebel
Subhumans · Worlds Apart
Walls Of Silence
Subhumans · 29:29 Split Vision
Curl Up And Die
Subhumans · Unfinished Business
Internal Riot
Subhumans · Internal Riot
Live In A Dive
Subhumans · Religious Wars