Generation Annihilation Episode May 26, 2018

GBH spotlight.

11:59am - 1:04pm

A showcase on long this long running Birmingham punk act, focusing on their early to mid 80's period.

Track Listing:

The Stiffs · Everyone Lies
Undergrowth 85
AKOB · Pogo Blues
1980 Demo
GBH · Wall Of Sound
Leather Bristles Studs And Acne
GBH · State Executioner
No Survivors
GBH · No Survivors
Sick Boy
GBH · Slit Your Own Throat
City Baby Attacked By Rats
GBH · I Am The Hunted
Give Me Fire
GBH · Give Me Fire
City Baby's Revenge
GBH · Diplomatic Immunity
Catch 23
GBH · Catch 23
Do What You Do
GBH · Children Of The Dust
Midnight Madness And Byond
GBH · Limpwristed
Oh No It's GBH Again
GBH · Malice In Wonderland
No Need To Panic
GBH · Transylvania Perfume
Wot A Bargain
GBH · Infected
GBH · Punk Rock Ambulance
GBH · Momentum