Generation Annihilation Episode December 16, 2017

December 16th 2017.

12:00pm - 1:04pm

Songs about alcoholism, depression, insanity and mental institutions.

Track Listing:

And No One Else Wanted To Play
SNFU · Seeing Life Through The Bottom Of A Bottle
Flipper · Ever
Machine Gun Etiquette
The Damned · I Just Can't Be Happy Today
Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables
Dead Kennedys · Forward To Death
Death Church
Rudimentary Peni · Inside
You Kill Me
No Means No · Manic Depression
Everything Went Black
Black Flag · Depression
A Mind Is A Terrible
Christ On Parade · Everyone's Crazy
The Word As Law
Neurosis · Pain Of Mind
Second Coming
Battalion Of Saints · My Minds Disease
Vacant State · OCD
Feed Us A Fetus
Dayglo Abortions · Scarred Of People
Alexander And Gore
The Lancasters · Mental Breakdown
Wild In The Streets
Circle Jerks · Trapped
Car 87 · Suicide
The Incredible Shrinking Dickies
The Dickies · Mental Ward
This Is Boston Not LA
Jerrys Kids · Straight Jacket
More Beer
Fear · I Am A Doctor
Sick Boy
GBH · Sick Boy
Rocket From Russia
Ramones · Labotomy
Punk And Disorderly
The Addicts · Straight Jacket
Another Perfect Day
Motorhead · Back At The Funny Farm