Generation Annihilation Episode November 25, 2017

November 25th 2017.

12:01pm - 1:06pm

Spotlight on the STRETCH MARKS.

Track Listing:

Ian MacKaye
Poison Idea · Getting The Fear
GBH · Birmingham Smiles
Damned And Defiant
Varukers · Thanks For Nothing
End Of Days
Discharge · Broken Law
At What Price Is Freedom?
Anti-System · Wot No Meat?
10 Charged Tracks
Phane · Radio Regiment
Katastrof · Förvridna Grin
Caged Like Rats
Rat Cage · No Consolation
The Hunter
Alement · Stagnant Living Death
S.H.I.T. · Insidiation/Incorporation
Who's In Charge?
Stretch Marks · Who's In Charge
What D'Ya See
Stretch Marks · What D'Ya See
What D'Ya See
Stretch Marks · Turnbuckle Stop
Shattered Silence
The Unwanted · Who's To Judge
What D'Ya See
Stretch Marks · Lookin' for Danger
Someone Got Their Head Kicked In
Youth Brigade · Boys In The Brigade
I've Got A Gun
CH3 · Mannequin
It Came From The Pit
Stretch Marks · Foreign Policy
Something To Believe In
Stretch Marks · Old Man Understand
Who & What
Stretch Marks · Not Your Decision