Generation Annihilation Episode October 21, 2017

October 21st 2017.

12:01pm - 1:01pm

Lots of rare Oi!

Track Listing:

The Chiefs · Blues
China White · Dangerzone
Lowlife · Think Naturally
The Zellots · Lets Place House
Youth Youth Youth · Pop Song
It Came From The Pit
My Dog Popper · Rock Stars Are Assholes
The Oi! Collection
ABH · Teenage Agression
Wheat From The Chaff
Case · Smiling My Life Away
The Violent Few
Last Rough Cause · My Life
The Oi! Collection
Crux · Riot
Hippie Punks
Crowbar · Hippie Punks
Mull Of Kintyre
The Optimists · Mull Of Kintyre
It Came From The Pit
Gassehaur · Local Youths
The Dischords · RCMP
Noise Overdose
The Squats · Chaos In Chaos In Nijmegen
Dead Hero
The Samples · Dead Hero
Split w/Crux
Crash · Kill The Cow
Orders Of The Day
Combat 84 · Poseur
Anti-Establishment · Anti-Men
Going Out
The Crack · The Troops Have Landed