Generation Annihilation Episode August 19, 2017

August 19th 2017.

12:04pm - 1:00pm

Anti-racist set, along with new releases by ART BERGMAN, FASHIONISM.

Track Listing:

Remember Her Name
Art Bergman · American Wife
Fuck Nazi Sympathy
Aus Rotten · Fuck Nazi Sympathy
The Kids · Do You Love The Nazi's
Kill From The Heart
The Dicks · I Aint No Nazi Friend
Because This World Fucking Sticks
The Fartz · Take A Stand Against The Klan
Children Of A Common Mother
Curious George · Canadian National Front
In Love With The System
The Forgotten Rebels · In Love With The System
Back In The Day
Fashionism · One Shot
Don't Want To
Sore Points · Don't Want To
One By One
Cock Sparrer · Contender
Scrap Metal
Civilised Society? · Star Wars
Split w/Electro Hippies
Generic · Go For It
Heresy · Deathbitter
Peruvian Vacation
The Stupids · This Is The Norm
Split W/Generic
Electro Hippies · Run Ronald
Party Animal
Fatal Error · No Clone
Party Animal
America's Hardcore · AHC
Party Animal
Justice League · Attitude
Party Animal
Sacred Cows · Wasteland
Hard Rain Falling
DOA · Racism Sucks