Generation Annihilation Episode February 11, 2017

Car 87 showcase.

12:01pm - 1:04pm

The boys from Car 87 dropped by the show to play their new release and discuss their upcoming tour of Japan and other stuff.

Track Listing:

Car 87 · Suicide
This Is Boston Not LA
Jerrys Kids · Straight Jacket
Pick Your King
Poison Idea · Last One/Pure Hate
Dayglo Abortions · Left Handed Nazis
No Hope
Car 87 · Kick
The Excessives · Nothing On Me
Garden City
AK47 · Garden City
No Hope
Car 87 · Bad Dreams
No Hope
Car 87 · Reality
Power Of Expression
Bl'ast · EIB
Personality Crisis · The Advocate
Who And What?
Stretch Marks · What Dya See
No Hope
Car 87 · Hate
Dr. Know · Deprogram
Someone's Bleeding
The Freeze · Sacrifice
No Hope
Car 87 · Thursday Night
No Hope
Car 87 · Ambient
The Fartz · Iron Fist
No Hope
Car 87 · Life Slips Through My Hands