Generation Annihilation Episode November 26, 2016

November 26th edition.

11:59am - 1:04pm

A live COCKSPARRER double shot and other stuff.

Track Listing:

Runnin Riot
Cocksparrer · Riot Squad
Back Home
Cocksparrer · What's It Like To Be Old?
Machine Gun Ettiquette
The Damned · Noise Noise Noise
The Bureaucrats · Grown Up Age
Chelsea · Running Free
The Gagged · Cyclical Psycho
Les Dils
The Dils · Red Rockers
That is Not Dead
Rotten UK · Revolution Moon
Rendered Obsolete
Kicker · Rendered Obsolete
Wrecking Temples
The Wernt · The Pink Lady
Shit Man Fucker
Chaos UK · Demise
Human Cargo
Disorder · Bite It You Scum
Class WAR
Dead Ending · IIvanka Wants Her Orange Back
Feeding Chain
Brain Slug · Feeding Chain
Music Made To Riot
Sand In The Face · Pleased To Hate You
Power To Exist
Omegas · Drug Zoo
There's A Method To Our Maddness
Ludichrist · God Is Everyhwere
There's A Method To Our Maddness
PTL Club · Want To Die
Christmas Pajams
Beach Mutants · I Need Dope