Generation Annihilation Episode November 19, 2016

November 20th 2016.

12:01pm - 1:05pm

Generation Annihilation, the air at noon today with some more Trump songs, airing new music by BRUJERIA, BOTTLE PUNK, CHRIST AIR, DUCHESS SAYS, GLAD RAGS, LIÉ, NOMOS 251, POWER TRIPP, PUFF! and SCRAPPER.

Track Listing:

Bottle Punk · Donald Trump/Do
Fuck You Puto
Brujeria · Viva Presidente Trump!
Glad Rags · Bullshithead
Truth Or Consequences
Lie · Truth Or Consequences
Self Critical Theorry
Alien Boys · Self Critical Theorry
Go With The Flow
Ten Days Late · Getaway
Scraper · Misery/Rats In The House
Living In The Partyzone
Puff! · A Thousand Angry Clocks
Sciences Nouvelles
Duchess Says · I Repeat Myself
Ola Ginane Skata
Nomos 751 · Ola Ginane Skata
Nightmare Logic
Power Trip · Firing Squad
Live August 26 2016
Christ Air · Expose The Lie
Tell Tale Heart
Beyond Possesion · Never Nothing New
COC · Mad World
Life Of Dreams
Crumbsuckers · Life Of Dreams
Till Death Do Us Part
Fear Itself · Ignorance
Dayglo Abortions · Canadian Hate Trio