Generation Annihilation Episode July 9, 2016

July 9th 2016 edition.

11:59am - 1:04pm

Songs about police shootings, people shooting police, set of 80's Montreal HC, debuted new music by DYSNEA BOYS, CULT VALUES, FIRING SQUAD and LYSOL.

Track Listing:

Millions Of Damn Christians
MDC · Police Related Death
Puppy Love
The Authorities · Pig Death on I-5
End Of Days
Discharge · Broken Law
Armageddon Surcival Guide
Dayglo Abortions · Cockroaches
Garden City
AK47 · Garden City
Batallion Of Saints · Bombs
Forgot How To Read
Dysnea Boys · Christian Bail
Mutiny On Muscle Beach
Night Birds · Golden Age Of TV
Without A Trace
Pariah · Without A Trace
Four Song Demo
Firing Squad · Endless Game
Cult Values · Rat Music
First Impressions
Genetic Control · Suburban Life
No Policy · First Strike Last Strike
The Asexuals · New World
Primitive Air Raid
Vomit And The Zits · What The Hell
SCUM · So Much Hate
The Absurds · Moral Feedback
You Are The Scene
Fair Warning · Time And Place
My Dog Poper · Pusheads A Wanker
Not Dead Yet
AYG · Columbia
The Crucifucks · Artificial Competition
Kill The Poor
Dead Kennedys · Kill The Poor