Generation Annihilation Episode May 21, 2016

May 21st edition.

12:00pm - 1:04pm


Track Listing:

Not A Pretty Sight
Death Sentence · Live To Die
Active Glands · Tomorrow Is Today
Another Razor
Buzzcocks · I Dont Mind
Early Demos
Discharge · I Dont Care
Jerk Off!
The Jerks · More More
UK Subs · Banksy
The Best So Far
Guitar Gangsters · Undefeated
Psychic Attack
The Ruts · Psychic Attack
Standing At The Mouth Of Hell
Green Beret · Stand Accused
Sunshine Ward · Radioactive Chunks
2016 Demo
N.E.G. · Wasted
Lacerate · Invetable
Need To Control
Blood Pressue · Fraud
A Huge Cloud
Warwound · Fshion Follower
Village Life
Sex Face · Toilet Baby
Last Kaste · Intro
Last Kaste · Apathy
Conform And Die
Konform · War Is Sorrow
HC Punk Tribute To BB
Illstie Boys · Time For Livin
Wall Of Death
Ghoul · Wall Of Death