Generation Annihilation Episode January 16, 2016

January 16th 2015.

12:01pm - 1:00pm

Playing 2015 reissues, live LP's and comeback albums.

Track Listing:

Bad Magic
Motorhead · Victory Or Die
Death To The Sickoids
The Subhumans · Death To The Sickoids
Killing Joke · Euphoria
The Way
Buzzcocks · Out Of The Blue
Hard Rain Falling
DOA · Not Gonna Take Your Crap No More
Confuse And Conquer
Poison Idea · Trip Wire
Punk Demos Collection
The Underdogs · Big Brother
Crime For Revenge
Ultra Violent · Crime For Revenge
Demos And Singles
Court Martial · Your War
Kick It Down
The Actives · ThePack
Noise Overdose
The Squats · Shut Your Bleeding Head
The Depressions · Basement Dayze
The Pack · Nobody Can Tell Us
Old Puppets For New Strings
Really Red · Modern Needs
American Wino
The Lewd · Justice/Liberty
Live In 1983
Discharge · Born To Die In The Gutter
Live at CBGBs 1983
MDC · Born To Die
Take A Drunk To Dinner
Personality Crisis · Mrs. Palmer