Generation Annihilation Episode November 28, 2015

November 28th edition.

12:00pm - 1:02pm

Shopping songs in reference to Black Friday, new music and reissues from CAREER SUICIDE, DEFECTS, NIGHT BIRDS, OLD MAN STRENGTH, STONE THE CROWS and VEIL.

Track Listing:

Start A Riot
Naked Agression · Out Of Control
Better Than A Stick In The Eye
SNFU · Thee Maul That Eats People
The Defects · Guilty Conscience
Kick It Down
Actives · Warzone
Bloody Road To Death
Dogsflesh · Fast Living Boy
Bloody Hell
Rotten UK · Destrory
Protest Songs
Stone The Crows · Skin Deep
Demand An Alternative
Potential Threat · The Hunt Is On
Veil · We Stay In Line
Behind The Realms Of Madness
Sacrilege · A Violation Of Something Sacred
Old Man Strength · The Kid
2015 Demo
Eliminator · For The Kid
Devide And Conquer
Poison Idea · Hypnotic
Hard Rain Falling
DOA · Gone Too Far
Night Birds · Mutiny At Muscle Beach
Bunk Monk
ATD · Born Again Deadbets
Murder In A Foreign Place
MIA · Modern World
Career Suicide · Cut And Run