Generation Annihilation Episode January 31, 2015

Broadcast on 31-Jan-2015

12:00pm - 1:00pm

ugh. punk

Track Listing:

crash the pose
gauze · equalizing distort
sucking of the missile cock
world burns to death · sucking of the missile cock
appendix · money is not my currency
terveet kadet · black god
??? · ???
espeando el fin
kruel · 7"
disable · split with warvictims
and for what?
lifelock · and for what?
por que o mundo e assim
dzk · de geracaio...
dna · a trip back to the land of the dead... and back
kuantos ninx mueren???
dhk · v/a sound the alarms
sadist · demo tape
war dance
killing joke · st
no time
london · no time ep
body bag
strangled · body bag
rough sound
pf commando · nu ska vi ha
shall i
pigz · bloody belgium ep
nome noma
wipers · nome noma
brats · 1980
kirjoitan seinaan
sensuuri · hulinaa
the fight carries on
passion killers · they kill our passion...