Generation Annihilation Episode August 2, 2014

Broadcast on 02-Aug-2014

12:00pm - 1:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

High Society Snob
The Dishrags · Three
Baldwang Must Die
Infamous Scientists · All Your Ears Can Hear
Here We Go Again
Pink Steel · All Your Ears Can Hear
Sick Fucks · All Your Ears Can Hear
Whiter Than Hitler
Dayglos Abortions · All Your Ears Can Hear
Sexual Revolution
Neos · All Your Ears Can Hear
Dinner At Macdonalds
Censored Chaos · All Your Ears Can Hear
Resistance · All Your Ears Can Hear
HOC · Guilty As Hell
Jerk Ward · Too Young To Thrash
Crypts Of Darkness
MOC · The Beat Goes On
Armoros · Debut Assault
War Criminals
Red Tide · Kelp And Salal
No Fgnuick
Nomeansno · Sex Mad
Six Faced Lie
Shutdown · S/T
Glue Drean
Drone · If You Can't Eat It Or Kill It
Police State
Ninth Hour · Dead And On The Road
Law Of The Land
Black Kronstadt · Crimes Of Capital
Mutated Earthlings · S/T
It's Rough Being A Punk In The Summer
Class Of 1984 · Ramputaion
Garden City
AK 47 · Garden City
Southern Cross Queen
Holocaust Lord · S/T