Generation Annihilation Episode October 12, 2013

Broadcast on 12-Oct-2013

12:00pm - 1:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Six Faced Lie
Shutdown · S/T
Germs · MIA
Rovsvett · 1984-1987
Destroy Captitalism
Crude SS · Who'll Survive
Mob 47 · EP
Dead End
Dischange · Split W/EOM
Going Down
Anti-Cimex · Absolut Country Of Sweden
Eagle Of The Road
Dead Ramones · Eagle Of The Road
Terror Mongers
Gasmask Terror · 17101961
Fack Oof
State Poison · Fack Oof
Lost Chaos · Kill Dick Control
Needles · Desepercation
Another Illusion
Citizens Patrol · Split W/Reproach
Lobos En La Noche
Criarius · Espiritu De Libertad
Walcz O Sieble
Government Flu · Holes
Prisoner Of the CIA
Savageheads · S.T
Klein 69 · Shredded Wheat Vol 2
Promise Of Of Godless
Born Wrong · Shredded Wheat Vol 2
One Italian To Another
Workprint · Shredded Wheat Vol 2
Stay Away
Bishops Green · S/T