Generation Annihilation Episode August 31, 2013

Broadcast on 31-Aug-2013

12:00pm - 1:00am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Reptile Smile
Long Knife · S/T
Short day
The Observers · S o Whats Left Now
No Dawn In Sight
Hellshock · Shadows Of The Afterworld
Taste The Steel
Sanctum · Split
Pick Up Your Skate
Chuck Norris · s/t
Generatiom Suicida · S/T
Koszmor · Test Pressing
It Aint Right
B-Marks · Golden Years
Proxy · Seen Before
Mercless Demonas
Total War · Konto Crasher
My escape
Criminal Damage · No Solution
Deathcharge · Love Was Born To An Early Death
Ballroom Blitz
The Authorities · Puppy Love
After The Bombs · Rentless Onslaught
Truncheons · Annihilation Konton Crasher Ominbus
Mindless Nation
Napalm Raid · Mindless Nation
Disable · Konton
The Screams Of Dying Cowboys
Conume · Split W/Resolve
Crimson Scarlet · Two Kinds Of Red
Tension Building
Belicose Minds · S/T
Spectres · Nothing To Nowhere
Accepted Farce
Condition · S/T
Suffocate City
No Problem · And Now
Moving On
Rapid Loss · S/T
Sensory Overload
Warcry · Not So Distant Future
Who's Next?
Inepsy · Rock N Roll Baylon
Road To Dreams
Wolfbrigade · Damned
Dammit 4
Margaret Thrasher · Moderate Rock
Like Animals
Countdown To Armageddon · Eater Of Words
Tumbling Down
Bishops Green · S/T
At What Cost
Mass Grave · Split W/Stormcrow
Hoax · S/T
Mobil Terror
Desperat · Demokrati
Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys · Shut Up And Drink
Armsrace Is A Crime
Mob 47 · I Thrash Therfore I Am