Generation Annihilation Episode September 22, 2012

Broadcast on 22-Sep-2012

12:00pm - 1:00am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Swinging Erudities · All Hard
Disciples Of Stupidity
False Liberty · Silence Is Consent....
Take A Stand
The Fartz · Whats IN A Name?!
Hop With The Jetset
DKS · Bedtime For Democracy
Butta-fuco · Split w/Spoiled Brats
Friends Of No One
Negative Approach · Friends Of No One
I Fear
Gang Green · I Fear
Warped Confessional
The Freeze · All Hard
Mein Iron Maiden
Naked Raygun · Mein Iron Maiden
Your Eyes
No Problem · Your Eyes
Nils · Clean Fields In Daylight
Unknown Road
Wolfbrigade · Comalive
Warcry · Not So Distant Future
Know Your Place
Nightnurse · S/T
Vacant State · Fill The Void
Slef Inflicted
Rapid Loss · A Dark Place
Triangle Shirt Waiste
Midnite Brain · S/T
Mind Theives
Belllicose Minds · S/T
Speaking Of Heroes
Sparkmarker · Produvts And Accesories