Generation Annihilation Episode August 4, 2012

Broadcast on 04-Aug-2012

12:00pm - 1:00am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

War Hero
DOA · We Come In Peace
War Hero
Toxic Reasons · Independence
Man In A Trap
GI · Complete History Vol 2
naked raygun · understand
Pegboy · Cha Cha Demore
Mothball Fleet
Songs About Snake · Charcoal Heather
Sleepin With The TV On
Sparkmarker · Products And Accessories
Born On A River
Lecherous Gaze · S/T
another victim
sharp objects · s/t
Number One Fun
B Sides · S/T
Dont Care ABout That
Canyanero · Were Canyanero
Orgy Of One
Meatmen · Cripple Children Suck
Tooling For Anus
Meatmen · And You Suck!
RNR Juggernaut
Meatmen · RNR Juggernaut
Abba God And Me
Meatmen · War Of The Super Bikes
Fall To Pieces
Arctic Flowers · Reveries
Deathcharge · Love Was Born
What Have I become
No Problem · And Now This