Generation Annihilation Episode January 28, 2012

Broadcast on 28-Jan-2012

12:00pm - 1:00am

New releases by BLISTERIN' BARNACLES, THE SUPPLEMENT, new reissues by HDQ, VISIONS OF CHANGE and the new MRR compilation "Noise Ordinance".

Track Listing:

Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
Smogtown · Incest And Pestilence
Blisterin Barnicles · ROck N Roll Avenue
Community Disservice
Smogtown · Incest And Pestilence
Wearing Thin
Face The Rail · Noise Ordinance
Insecurities Arise
Plaid Retna · Oink Eye
Things We Do
The Supplement · S/T
Vision Of Change
Vision Of Change · S/T
HDQ · HDQ And You Suck!
The Memory Burns
The Stupids · Retard Picnic
Tricked And Abused
The Instigators · Shockgun
Lets Grow Some Flowers
The Depraved · Stupidy Maceth The Man
Es Anarquista
NN · Noise Ordinance
Ni Diops Ni Patria
Mudo Muerto · Entre El Caos
UX Vileheads · HC XI
Quit Life
Fix My Head · Noise Ordinance
Knife Fight · Isolated
Scar Tissue
Acefalix · Noise Ordinance
Battle Hymn
The Authorities · Kung Pao Au Go-Go
The Wicker Man
The Estranged · Subliminal Man
Stand Right, Walk Left
School Jerks · Demo Or EP
Never Gonna Stop
The Chargers · Drinkin' Druggin' Whoren