Generation Annihilation Episode November 5, 2011

Broadcast on 05-Nov-2011

12:00pm - 1:00am

New releases from FAITH, VOID and UX VILEHEADS. Punk And Pissed Compilation.

Track Listing:

My Rules
Void · My Rules
UX Vileheads · Hardcore 11
Brain Cavity
Culo · Life Is Vile
Subject To Change
The Faith · Subject To Age
New Age
DOA · Smash The State
So Sick
Vacant State · Fill The Void
Party Talk
Mob Rules · The Donar
Black Thoughts
OFF! · First Four EPs
Commie Control
CIA · God Guns And Guts
Fresh Flesh
Fear · Paradise Demo
Plan Another
Deep Sleep · Turn Me Off
Jerrys Kids · Unreleased Session
Whats The Point
Lowlife UK · Punk And Pissed
Show Us You Care
Poundaflesh · Punk And Pissed
Crazy Helicopters
Bayonet Babies · S/T
Two Wrongs Make A Riot
The Septic Psychos · Punk And Pissed
Johnny Was A Soldier
Defiance · Out Of Order
Dont Conform
External Menace · Pure Punk Rock
Menace · Punk Singles Collection
I'm Mad
Extintion Of Maniknd · Power Corrupts
Legion DCL XV1 · The Final Days