Generation Annihilation Episode September 24, 2011

Broadcast on 24-Sep-2011

12:00pm - 1:00pm

New releases from CAT ATTACK, CRUDE SS, CHAOS UK, DEFIANCE, GOVERNMENT ISSUE and KRUEL alond with the "Still Our Future Your Messing Up" compilation.

Track Listing:

My Summer Vacation
Limecell · S/T
Nothing New
Vacant State · Fill The Void
Negative Disease
Rabid Loss · A Dark Place
The Italian Flag/The Myth
Madmen · S/T
Means To No End
Career Suicide · Cherry Beach Express
Fatal Rage · S/T
The Fix · At The Speed Of Twisted Thought
Whos In Charge?
Stretch Marks · Whos In Charge?
Personality Crisis · Creatures For A While
Now I Aint Got No Face
No Fun · S/T
Legacy You Left Behind
Discharge · Still Our Future
Riot Squad · Still Our Future
Selfish Few
Chaos UK · S/T
Kick In The Head
OWS · Still Our Future
Shit System
Defiance · Out Of Order
Who'll Survive
Crude SS · Wholl Survive
Born Dead Icons · Modern Plague
Brain Wash
Napalm Raid · Corruption Of Their Little Minds
Es Oscuridad
Kruel · Split W/Unlearn
Vanity Fair
GI · The Fun Just Never Ends
The Dabbler
The Jolts · 8%
Awkward Age
The Bonitos · S/T
Sick Outside View
Unfun · Sickoutside View
Rhapsody In Black
Cat Party · Rhapsody In Black
Neon Tombs
Arctic Flowers · S/T
White Lung · Nite Prison
The Sleepwalkers
Random Cuts · Nite Prison
Dubai For Now
Nu Senasae · Nite Prison
Black September
Defecetors · Nite Prison