Generation Annihilation Episode August 27, 2011

Broadcast on 27-Aug-2011

12:00pm - 1:00am

New releases from DOGGY STYLE and RABID LOSS.

Track Listing:

Super Punkers
Doggy Style · Punkers Athem
It's Safe
The Detonators · Just Another Reason
The Look
Personality Crisis · Creatures For A While
Riot Squad
Toxic Reasons · Independance
Murder In Hollywood
DOA · The Lost Tapes
USA Today
Agent 86 · Apatheid American Style
The Great Liberation
Sludge · S/T
Rip Wide The Sky
Fratricide · S/T
Ten Times
Crystal Mess · Worms
Forty Thirds
JFC · Lifes Hateful Seed
Self Inflicted
Rapid Loss · A Dark Place
Vile Intent · Regression To The Mean
Vile Intent · Regression To The Mean
Contagium · S/T
Civilisations Dying
Zero Boys · Vicious Circle
This Aint No Cross On My Hand
Limp Wrist · S/T
The Possibility Of Lifes Destruction
Discharge · Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
How When And Where
Crucifix · Dehumanization
Born For The Road
Inepsy · Rock N Roll Babylon