Generation Annihilation Episode July 2, 2011

Broadcast on 02-Jul-2011

12:00pm - 1:00pm


Track Listing:

still pist
the pist · ideas are bullet proof
Mundo muerto · ??
firing squad
vaaska · ruido hasta la muerte
el grito de la tierra
firmeza 10 · el grito de la tierra
Free Yourself
Napalm Raid · Trail Of The World
trail of the world
" · "
victims of a bombraid
anti cimex · the records
means to an end
doom · police bastard
always restrictions
discharge · fight back
a blade
unlearn · when the reaper comes will you clap?
to serve and arrest
napalm raid · trail of the world
" · "
Bastard · Wind Of Pain
police power
perdition · split w/ nerveskade
mental disorder
d clone · split w/ nerveskade
weekday sugar rov
skitkids · besoket vid krubban
japanese title
the comes · no side
abc weapons
gism · detesttation