Generation Annihilation Episode June 11, 2011

Broadcast on 11-Jun-2011

12:00pm - 1:00am

Boston vs Vancouver in a puck rock showdown.

Track Listing:

Oh Canada
Bonehead Music
Wake Up America
Daysglos · Feed Us A Fetus
Canads Favourite Sport
The Subhumans · No Wishes
Beat Em Bust Em
DOA · Puck Rock 2
Pull The Goalie
Fun 100 · Split W/Paper Lanterns
Split Finger Fast Ball
For Boston
Dropkick Murphys · Sing Loud Sing Proud
I Dont Belong
Jerry Kids · Kill Kill Kill
Broken Bones
The Freeze · This Is Boston
SSD · Power
Break Away
Slapshot · Blast Furnace
Straight Edge In Your Face
Ten Yard Fight · Boston Drops The Gloves
What Right
Vacant State · Internal Conflict
Strain · S/T
death squad
death sentence · not a pretty sight
Fratricide · S/T
Landscape Of Deprivation
Unlearn · The Reaper
Faction Disaster
Disrupt · Unrest
Toxic Narcotic · 89-99
Stand Up And Fight
The Unseen · Complete Singles
Gang Green · Another Wasted Night
Green Beret
FUs · This Is Boston No LA
Voodo Economics
The Proletarriat · This Is Boston No LA