Generation Annihilation Episode March 5, 2011

Broadcast on 05-Mar-2011

12:00pm - 1:00am

BYO Records showcase.

Track Listing:

Fight To Unite
Dropkick Murphys · Let Them Know
Boys In The Brigade
Youth Brigade · Out Of Print
Modest Proposal
Youth Brigade · Sound In Fury
Batallion Of Saints · Someone Got Their Head Kicked In
Mass Hysteria
Social Distortion · Someone Got Their Head Kicked In
Aggression · Don't Be Mistaken
Heres Your Warning
7 Seconds · The Crew
SNFU · And No Else Wanted To Play
What D'ya See
Stretch Marks · What D'ya See
Whose To Judge
Unwanted · Shattered Silence
Piss On You
Personality Crisis · Something To Believe In
The Cause
The Smarties · Whole Bunch Of Wierdos
Mind Like A Door
SNFU · If You Swear You'll Catch No Fish
can't take it with you
youth brigade · come again
No Heroes
BNU · Looking Back Again
Bouncig Souls · The Good Bad And Argyle
No Excuse
Vanilla Sex
Rancid · Split w/NOFX
Your Failure Is My Revenge
The Unseen · Explode
Shut Us Out
WNH · Guilty Pleasures
Runnin From The Gun
Pistol Grip · Ls Shots From Calico Road
Scalped By Pop
A Global Threat · Where The Sun Never Sets
Youth Brigade · Let Them Know