Generation Annihilation Episode January 8, 2011

Broadcast on 08-Jan-2011

12:00pm - 1:00am

2010 releases round up.

Track Listing:

The Spectres · Last Days
Empty Values
Fear Of Tomorrow · No Futre
Rape The Pavement
ROC · The Sum Of All Beers
Pulling Teeh
Unfun · Pain Prescription
Thats Why I Am An Athiest
DOA · Talk - Action
Burn The Motherfucker
AK - 47 · S/T
Black Chrome
Class Of 1984 · S/T
Bigger Bombs
Knucklehead · Hearts On Fire
Complications · S/T
For Our Rights
Unruled · Butchers Of Warfare
The Dealer
Inepsy · Madness Overkill
Doing Time
Hold A Grudge · Doing Time
Fear Culture
Broadcast Zero · Some Concerns
Born Out Of Darkness
Hellshock · They Wait For You Still
City Of Dust
Dogsflesh · Revival Of Species
Punks Quit
Anti You · Two Bit Schemes
Cabin Fever
Citizens Patrol · S/T
8 Years
Fix My Head · Split W/ Knife In Leg
Unsigt Til Ingenting
Cola Freaks · Mig Mig Mig
Defect Defect · S/T
War Death
Wormeaters · S/Y