Generation Annihilation Episode August 14, 2010

Broadcast on 14-Aug-2010

12:00pm - 1:00am

70's live spotlight.

Track Listing:

Beach Blanket Bongout
JFA · We Know You Suck
Join The Navy
The Jerks · Live In Leeds
Screwed Up
Menace · Live In Bermondsy
Love Battery
Buzzcocks · The Roxy
UK Subs · Live At The Roxy
Sham 69 · Tell Us The Truth
Blind Justice
The Business · The Best Of
Last Train Home
Marching Orders · Last Train Home
Control · Hooligan
Contempt · No Good
We Are Criminal Class
Criminal Class · 25 To Life
Why Don't They Die
The Bloodclosts · Let This Be Your Revellie
Arson Attack
Havoc · Road Warrior
Maniac On The Loose
Germ Attack · Cruxshadow
Unruled · Butchers Of Warfare
I Just Want You To Know
Off With Their Heads · In Desolation
Cambridge · This Is Not A Victory
No Roses
Unfun · Pain Prescription
Dead End
Hold A Grudge · Doing Time
White Like Me
Young Pioneers · First Virginia Volunteers
Love To Hate
AK 47 · S/T