Generation Annihilation Episode June 5, 2010

Broadcast on 05-Jun-2010

12:00pm - 1:00am

Spotlight on INEPSY.

Track Listing:

Wasted Lives · Smash The State
False Hopes
Big Black Puppets · Smash The State
20 Eyes
Misfits · Walk Among Us
The Vicious Cycles · S/T
Your Problems
Anti · The Hardcore Years
No Symapthy
Abandoned · LAMF
Time To Die
Defect Defect · S/T
GI · Joyride
Finger On The Switch
Social Circle · City Shock
Manipulation · S/T
Broken Needle · S/T
Vi Har Fatt Nog
Kvoteringen · Split
Hardcore Del 2
Amde Petersons Army · BMVUDF
Digitala Ogon
Nitad · Split
Your Choice
Dean Dirg · Raus
Its A Time Bomb
Inepsy · See You In Hell
Whats Next
Inepsy · Rock N Roll Babyloyn
Invading City Weapons
Inepsy · Invading City Weapons
City Weapons
Inepsy · Invading City Weapons
Run Away
Inepsy · No Speed Limit
Clear The Pigs
Unruled · Butchers Of Warfare