Generation Annihilation Episode March 6, 2010

Broadcast on 06-Mar-2010

12:00pm - 1:00am

New reissues by VIRLUNCE and SACRIFICE.

Track Listing:

Keep On Knockin
Death · For The Whole Worl To See
Mortis Invictus
Masskontrol · Will You Ever Learn
Hellkrusher · Doomsday Hour
Doomsday Hour · Demented Anthem HC Assemblage
Were Next
Varukers · Killing Myself To Live
At A Distance
Abandon · S/T
Fear Of Tomorrow · S/T
Propaganda Victim
Warcry · Nause
Anti System
Inepsy · Anthem HC
Dead Weight
Virulence · If This Isn't A Dream
Stomped To Death
The Accused · The Curse Of Martha
Face fIrst
Negative Gain · Back From The Dead
Down The Rabit Hole
ANS · Pressure Cracks
Damages · Scars
No Say
Vacant State · Internal Conflict
Mr. Jones
Manifest Destiny · We Love Our Country
Doggy Style · II
The Awkening
Sacrifice · Torment In Fire
Sacrifice · Torment In Fire